Vizlib Collaboration REST’s well with Qlik Automations

In the video above I am going to show you how to use the REST destination of Vizlib’s write-back table and integrate that with Qlik Automations on Qlik SaaS, and possibly spark some new innovative ways to use Vizlib’s awesome write-back capabilities.

Here is the link to the sample files you can use to follow along/create your own

There is a file called "Qlik Vizlib Automation.json" that will be used to create the Qlik Automations flow, just create a new flow and then right-click on the editor canvas and choose "Upload Workspace" to import the flow.

Keen on giving Vizlib a try? Head on over to

Also, do you need help implementing Qlik in your business? Ask the team of superheroes over at Modernising Management for help

Jason Coggon

Jason Coggon

I figured since I work with all things Qlik and my job role is Head: Innovation & Technology. I would give it a shot and create content around some of the cool things I do.
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